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Services I Can Provide 

Danielle Alvarado is well versed in disability law and available services.

Her 25+ years of advocacy experience means that her guidance and perspective

will help you know your child's needs are being met.

Two Levels Of Service to Fit Your Specific Situation

Parent Mentor/IEP Coach (US wide):

First a review of all documents and thoroughly discussed. Unlimited telephone & email communication with Danielle as your personal parent mentor/Coach

Direct consulting with parent/family in a personal approach, customized to each parent/families unique concerns/questions, Attending IEP's VIA teleconferences etc. (Net service level below has IN person IEP's)

Explanations of the evaluation and assessment process involved in obtaining services

Clarification of rules, policies and parents rights. Communication on your behalf to various agencies & individuals. Communication with districts, Regional Centers, amongst various agencies.

Assistance in building working relationships that are positive and effective between school and community personnel. Review of all educational, Regional Center, IHSS etc Documents.

Reassurance that you are doing all you can to facilitate your child's success

A listening ear to encourage your significant role in your child's life

A sounding board and guidance in decision making when you receive conflicting information or are confused as to what decisions are best for your child. Attendance via teleconference or video meetings

**Danielle's guidance will ensure you can be at ease as the IEP/ IPP/IFSP or other accommodations are implemented and your child is progressing; her wisdom will direct you clearly when you need to wordsmith requests or confront school /regional center or various other agency personnel.

Advocacy Services:

Direct in person Attendance at IEP's and informal meetings

All necessary correspondence, including but not limited to, direct communication with district & school staff via telephone, email and letter or in person.

Referrals for home and community resources and guidance with those resources.

Observations (up to 3) in classroom, other school space or home

Assurance that school and district personnel follow through on the best accommodations for your child. weekly check ins with school personnel or other entities that apply to your specific case.

Support, direction, encouragement and comfort for your entire family

Guidance in working together with the school, district and community to secure the best possible education and supports for a cohesive, beneficial framework for your child

Updates and input on State and Federal legislation

**Danielle makes sure that kids receive the services they need to benefit from the educational setting. Possible services may include OT, instructional aide, adapted homework, speech therapy, tutoring, physical therapy, pull out programs, social skills classes, behavior specialists, counseling, Non Public School placements, residential placement and case follow etc. Not all services apply to each child.

Group home, Supported living case follow and advocacy. I am also doing Self Determination initial services of assisting you with  entering the State program to leading you to a more fulfilling, inclusive and rewarding life!!

Additional services may be available upon request. Each service contract reflects the unique needs of each family. 

What Parents Say:

 "You spoke strongly when I couldn't; you gave mental clarity when I was sleep deprived; you protected my kiddo'a emotional well being (and mine) as we've journeyed together these two years." -- Wendy

"Your physical presence then ongoing guidance helped me gear up to advocate for my child without excessive stress or enormous financial burden. You helped me know how to make the law serve my child -- which is what it's there for! You are all about helping kids & preserving families!" ---Sue

"My life has been made so much easier, having a disabled loved one since knowing

You" --- Shawn

"You have made my family finally feel like we are living not just existing! I am forever grateful" ----Deandra

"YOUR MY PITBALL!! You gave me a voice when I didn't think I had one" ---Maryanne F.

" I no longer had to prove what was going on with my child you showed the regional center!! My child has services because of you!! Thank you" ---Patsy 

****Danielle is not a licensed, practicing attorney, although she is well versed in the regulations of various school districts, State and Federal laws.

She supports and defends families involved in Regional Center, special education along with various other agencies and finds all appropriate modifications/ accommodations across all settings for your child or adult loved ones. The goal is for all involved to have a successful outcome to ensure a more productive and happy future.


  • Self Determination
- Independent Facilitator
-SDP Person Center Planner
  • Parent Mentor/ IEP Coach
  • Advocacy Services
  • Regional Centers
  • Group Homes
  • Residential Placements
  • Individualized Programming
  • Adult Programming
  • Respite
  • IHSS
  • SSI
  • Referrals
  • In person, phone or virtual consultations
  • Early Education Review for services
  • Attend IEP's for school and IPP/IFSP's through Regional Center
  • 504 reviews & Meetings
  • Mediations/State Hearings through school or Regional Centers as well as other Generic services needed.
  • Parent Advocacy Training Zooms One to Two hours.
  • willing to do parent support group Talks on Advocacy
  • If not listed please let me know what is needed.